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About Class C Ip Checker

About Class C IP Checker Tool by SEO Tool Sets

The net provider assigns a specific IP deal to everybody related to the internet. It's miles accountable for supplying you with a relevant and available IP deal.

IP refers to Internet Protocol. As a result, IP cope with an Internet Protocol deal with a string of unique numeric identifiers separated using periods. It is carried with the aid of every device in a network. It's miles like the PC's internet cope with. It would look something like 167.183.767.989

The IP address is the deal you use for interacting with other humans or using the services to be had on the net. However, while you are using a dynamic web hosting carrier for the net carrier for buying your internet site hosted, a class deal could be assigned to your website through the net provider company. 

The class C IP Checker device via SEO Tool Sets is a green yet straightforward tool that shows you the elegance of IP addresses of the area, which you can use to recognize whether the equal deal is duplicated. You may use this elegance C Checker tool to determine if the same C range website hosts diverse websites. With the assist of an awesome and reliable class C IP Checker tool, you may find out whether or not or not the 2 or extra domains have been hosted by using the same C IP variety very easily. You can also find out reproduction IP addresses and sophistication C IP. If you personal numerous go-related websites, it is cautioned to host all websites on specific elegance C IP degrees.



There are five instructions of IP addresses that are as follows:

• elegance A

The primary little bit of a class A cope with is always set to 0. It best leaves seven bits for the network part of the cope with. Magnificence A addresses range from zero.0.0.0 – 127.0.Zero.Zero. In the method, there can only be 128 network numbers.

• elegance B

The primary bit of a category B address is always set to at least one, and the address of the second bit is ready to zero. It way sixteen,384 networks may be assigned in magnificence B addresses. The addresses of sophistication B range between 128.Zero.Zero.Zero – 191.255.0.Zero.

• class C

Class C addresses have their first two bits cope with set to 1, and the 0.33 bit is about 0. The addresses of class C tiers from 192.0.Zero.Zero – 223.255.255.Zero.

• magnificence D

Class D addresses have their first 3 bits of address set to at least one, and the fourth bit is about to 0—the addresses of class D variety from – and is reserved for multicast businesses and packages.

• elegance E

Magnificence E addresses are used and reserved for experimentation and testing. It's far by no means utilized in any fashionable shape.


Seo hosting with class C IP deal is a superb and simple website hosting service that uses distinctive C class IP Addresses. It's well known that any IP deal carries four extraordinary blocks like a cellphone number. The algorithm of search engines like google and yahoo is powerful at using this code block, thereby representing the region of the internet site's web hosting. While deciding on search engine optimization web hosting with magnificence C IP Addresses, you're making certain that you might be furnished facts facilities that may be determined in exclusive sections around the world, thereby allowing you to have a couple of class C IP Addresses.