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About Domain Age checker

We Will cover the 200+ ranking factors that Google uses to determine a website's position in the search engines. So the first item that I want to cover is domain age so let's start by saying this if I purchased a domain name five years ago. I bought another domain name today. Which domain do you think will be given more relevancy in the search engines or other things being equal, meaning the amount of content and the number of backlinks. Most likely the one that has been registered five years ago now. Why is that because it has more history behind it? You know it's uh, it's known that when you first purchase the domain name, Google does not immediately give it a tremendous amount of value. Now, why is that because? Think about it as a webmaster as a web developer or web designer you know theoretically. We can create many websites as we want, and that has been done in the past with the purpose of, you know, pointing backlinks. You learn to specific websites, which is a negative ranking factor, so Google wants to determine whether or not your website is valid or a fly-by-night site or part of a link farm, so domain name age does matter. It matters to the extent that you have historical data.

Google will have historical data based on your websites now; let's take it to another level. What if I purchased a domain name six months ago or a year ago directly? That's a different story because potentially. If you bought a domain name a year ago, it could rank better than a domain name purchased five years ago. Now, why is that? Because Google now has more data about the website itself, they'll be able to, they'll have a lot of information indexed in their search engines, and they'll be able to in the validity and quality of your site. And how did I do that? They gather a lot of data on websites with their analytic programs and algorithm, so they will determine how often you produce content and how many backlinks the website has. You know the quality of the site.