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Hey, guys, today we will understand what an IP address is and how you can find your computers or a smartphone IP address. Let's start with computers on the Internet communicate with each other with underground or underwater cables or wirelessly. Suppose I want to download a file from the Internet. In that case, my computer should have an address so that other computers on Internet can find and locate my computer in internet terms that address of the computer is called address .let us understand it with another example like if somebody wants to send you a mail then they should have your home address similarly your laptop also needs an address. so that computers on Internet can send you a file that you want to download that address in internal terms is called IP address which is nothing but a string of numbers written in a specific format note this comparison. This is your home address which your area postman identifies. You get all the things delivered to this address similarly this is your computer address determined by the computers on the Internet. You get all the downloads available at this computer address. this address is the IP address of your computer IP address stands for Internet Protocol address, but what does this mean internal protocol is a set of rules that makes the Internet work. You can only because your computer or your smartphone has an IP address. Youtube is sending you all the data related to this video to this IP address of two types Internet Protocol version 4. and Internet Protocol version6. Internet Protocol version 4 consists of 4 numbers separated with the dot. Each number can range from 0 to 255 in decimal numbers. But computers do not understand these decimal numbers, so these numbers are converted to a binary form which is computer understandable. As 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 since a group of 8 binary digits represents each number n, so the whole ipv4 address is represented by a sequence of 32 ones and zeros or simply. I should say by a series of 32 bits soipv4 is a 32-bit address in ipv4 unique sequence of ones and zeros is assigned to each computer, therefore, a total of 2 raised to power 32 devices that is approximately 4 billion devices can be addressed and connected to the Internet with ipv4.

Still, there is a problem with this 32-bit ipv4 address with ipv4. We can connect only this amount of devices to the Internet, but these days we have devices like computers smartphones far more than 4 billion, so slowly we are moving towards ipv6address, a 128-bit. IP address inhuman friendly form ipv6 is written as a group of 8 hexadecimal numbers separated with colons. For example, in human-friendly form, the ipv6 address can be written like this. A sequence can write a Computer-friendly paper ipv6 address of 128 or zeros since a unique series of ones and zeros is given to each computer. Connected to the Internet, so with ipv6, a total of 2 raised to power 128 devices can be connected to the Internet. That isipv6 can address this number of devices, which is far more than enough for many future generations to find your public IP address.