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Hey, what's up, guys? We can ping our website link using the SEO tool, so let's move on to my desktop. And I'm showing you how exactly that tools work for us, okay guys, so if we want to ping .our new blog post then, first of all, you need to go to this website called ping .business the main website this is the worst side excuse me being automatic calm so first of all. We need to know why we will pin our website or our new article bureau. Hence, if you published an article and want to focus on google organic traffic, you have to index your link on Google because you know Google is like a book, and all of the books have their index for every chapter, so first of all, if. We focus on any other search engine traffic. Then, we need first to index our website so. I just published an article called theme maker review is a review, so after posting this content. I will copy my article link and go to and in the URL section just. I paste my URL, and in the blog name here, you need to submit your article title. I'm just copying my article title and paste it in here and here have another option is the RSS URL. It's optional. It's not mandatory but, if you use this feature, it will be good for you to get your URL, so go to your article and click on it. The write button from your mouse and click on View page source and from here go to find option and here type RSS so see have three RSS and the XML file is showing here so we need to copy that URL copy it. And go to King e Seo paste it in here and click on check all and checkmark on that options and click on send ping so see. If the ping is showing us completed and all of the website going to crown. Our content and this being option are essential for indexing our new range and. You will get a lot of free organic traffic by doing this theme, so I think you also understand how to ping your latest blog post.