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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

About robot.txt generator


What's the robot.txt generator???


First of all, what is the robot.txt, and how can we find it? Well, if you go to pretty much all websites out there, you can try this now. If you like to go to Web's URL and then do/type robot.txt, you can find the interface of robot.txt 

robot.txt is the text file of the website owner, which instructs Google search engine robot to scan the pages and other search engines. 

robot.txt is a simple file that instructs Web search engine, and implication do you have one SEO. and also this file called website content when you published this calling will be automatically doing a robot dirtiest file. So you can imagine now that robot.txt is the most important file in the search engine ranking.


How to use the robot.txt generator tool???


1: go to robot.txt generator step 

2: Default all robots allow/disallow

3: call delay make sure how much time need to crawl your website daily

4: Input your site map link step 

5: search engine robot you can allow all search engine robots are you can make it default 

6: restricted directories you can restrict your director

7: click create robot.txt

then you give some time to create the file. It needs almost four or five seconds to create robot.txt.Then your file is put in your root Directly. Finally, your file is complete for creation.

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Basic Information About our Robot.txt Generator !!

By reading all sections, you have a better idea of generating robot.txt. The loaded market Has many robot.txt generators. Why You choose us?? Right !! 

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