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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

What is a robots.txt file?

Robots.Txt is a text file that website proprietors create to train search engine robots to scan pages on their websites. The robots.Txt record comes below the robot's exclusion protocol (REP). REP is a group of net requirements that operate how robots test the net, get the right of entry to and index content, and serve that content to customers.

Practically, robots.Txt documents discover whether certain person/ software can or can not scans components of an internet site. The instructions are particular via “disallowing” or “allowing” the conduct of person sellers.


User-agent: [user-agent name]Disallow: [URL string not to be crawled]

Important Features of robots.txt File

The robots.Txt record is publicly available. To look at the robots.Txt file of any internet site, just upload “/robots.Txt” to the give up of any root domain to peer that internet site’s directives. Each person can see what pages you do or don’t want to be visited, so don’t cover private user statistics inside the robots.Txt file. Each subdomain on a root area uses separate robots.Txt files. Robots.Txt is a case touchy file, which means the file ought to be named “robots.Txt” and no longer “Robots.Txt”, “robots.TXT”, or in any other case. A robots.Txt file must be positioned in a website’s pinnacle-stage listing to be determined without problems by using users.

Why do you need robots.txt?

Robots.Txt documents manipulate travelling to get admission to certain areas of your website online. Whilst this can be very dangerous in case you by chance disallow Googlebot from touring your entire website, there are a few conditions wherein a robots.Txt document may be very beneficial

A few not unusual use cases consist of:

•           Robots.Txt files help in stopping reproduction content from appearing in search engines.

•           It also allows in keeping whole sections of an internet site non-public.

•           It maintains internal seek outcomes pages from displaying up on a public SERP.

•           It additionally sets the vicinity of the sitemap.

•           It prevents search engines like google and yahoo from indexing positive documents on your internet site.

How does robots.txt work?

Search engines have  main jobs:

1.To go to and examine the net to discover content

2.To index that content so that it may be served up to users who're seeking out records.

After arriving at an internet site, the hunted person appears for a robots.Txt file. If it reveals one, it's going to examine that record first before continuing through the page. Because the robots.Txt report carries insightful records about how the search engine has to analyze the internet site, the statistics observed there would educate further movement of the visitor in this particular web site. If the website does not have a robots.Txt document, it will continue to search for different records on the website.

How can you create your first robots.txt file?

1.First, allow or disallow the site visitors the web get admission to your website.  This menu permits you to decide whether you want your website to be visited.

2.Upload your XML sitemap record by way of coming into its vicinity inside this discipline.

3.In the last text container, you're given the option to dam certain pages or directories from being listed using SERPs.

4.When it's far achieved, you could download your robots.Txt file.

5.After producing your robots.Txt report, upload it into the foundation listing of your domain.