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About URL Encoder / Decoder

About URL Encoder / Decoder

Hey guys, I'm going to explain what your Encoding is on the web, so I want to say first up, and you're not too sure what URL encoding is or how it works. I recommend that you sit through and because I believe this right here, Encoding is a significant part of web development. Any web developer needs to understand so fully. With that being said, URL encoding is just a way we can safely transfer data in the URL so let's also keep in mind that the usage of URL encoding is not limited to the URL. However, it is typically used inside the URL for query strings when submitting requests or forum posts, okay, so keep that in mind. It is simply just an encoding technique. I'm also going to be showing you our two JavaScript functions in code and decode URI components to explain further what URL encoding is? But first, I want to show you what it is and how it works, okay, so I've got this web page right here. We can see it's got a very simple search form if I was to type in, for example, into here and press submit. We can see inside the URL we get this query string right here. We have a single parameter name called search, and its value is most people understand how this works. If I was to create two fields here, for example, let's go back and, of course, make a separate domain and call this one name. We can say enter your name, for instance, okay save this refresh and then resubmit with my search term being and my name being done submit this we can see how the URL has changed to search equals and name are equal to dumb, so once again most people know how this works. We can see right here that both of these input fields have been separated by an air purse, and right here, this concept of horse separation with an ampersand is fundamental as to why we have URL encoding. I can explain why by just going back inside the text editor and going back to single tour input okay, then refreshing and going back to the original page. Then I'm going to go inside here. I'm gonadal as my search term dumb and the so dumb with that space than an ampersand a space then press submit.