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About Word Counter

About Word Counter 

word count is so important and we know it whether you're creating content for a website of blog writing an article legal documents different types of writing requires a different amount of word count length and in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you a free Seo-tool that you can use and it can help you with your SEO. counter tool it is a free online tool that could help you count and calculate the number of words in a text this online tool can also help you calculate the total character or letter account sentences and paragraphs of other texts entered in the input box the best part this tool is absolutely free to use and there is no limits to the number of times Oh words that you ‘reusing it so why is word calm so important word count is an important metric when it comes to writing from publishing ever tiling academics and legal proceedings it is super useful if it's for text that’s meant for social media Google Ads Facebook Google meta descriptions and soon by using this tool you'll be able to determine words there are in your text if you are managing or creating social media content it is extremely useful to know the character limits for the platform that you're working on some platforms have limits to the number of words all letters that you can use for example Twitter has occurred the limit of up to 280 characters from its previous hundred forty characters as for Facebook no more than 63,000 206characters for posts and a maximum of8,000 characters for comments as for Instagram you are limited to 30hashtags and 2200 characters for a certain caption LinkedIn headlines text is limited to 120 characters the summary Such in has attracted limits of 2000position title has a limit of 100characters and the description box has a limit to a thousand characters so did you know that word calm plays an important role when it comes to your SEO rankings and here's why the majority of content and articles that appears on the first page of SERP often have long-form articles a lot of the content exceeds2,000 words while most of them are at least a thousand 500 words have a browse on a web and you are realized that most of the content that appears on the first page of SERP have evergreen long-form content and it is the best type of content for SEO evergreen content create more clicks over a period of time as opposed to contents that is based on the current news or viral trends when your content has more data and information it becomes more valuable in which will help you increase the potential of your article being light and shirt so the most social shares and backlinks you receive the better content the better the rankings because google loves quality content yay so using a tool like work on the tool will help you maintain the bare minimum best practices for your SEO efforts so how to use cure tools where it counts - it's an incredibly easy tool to use and it gives an almost instantaneous results it will show you the word count for the number of words correct as' sentences and paragraphs allyou need to do is copy the text from any file types or a website and paste it into the word counter tool input box sowhether if you're a digital marketer as your specialist right logger or even a student word countertoo can be a valuable addition .