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About Word Counter

About Word Counter

Word Counter is a tool developed to help you find and calculate the characters of your website's written content. It is built with great precision to deliver accurate results and tell how long or short your content is. But it is not just the word counter that counts the number of words for you; it is also a content analyzer that analyzes your content and shows you keyword density. It can be used by a professional writer, an online entrepreneur, a student, a teacher, a social media explorer, or a website owner.

Why use the Word Counter by SEO Tool Sets?

Word Counter tool via SEO toolsets also can be used to test the pages of the websites or blogs. You may enter the URL of any webpage of your website and might see what number of words appears to perform excellent with the subjects you write approximately. This result will let you write content in the destiny that also brings greater traffic to your website.

It saves your time and effort by using saving you from counting each phrase and individual manually. The word Counter device by search engine optimization device sets is your life saviour word calculator device that immediately gives you the consequences.

How does the Word Counter Tool work by SEO Tool Sets?

A phrase counter is a smooth-to-use device. You have to click the text container, paste the text/URL you want to test, and click on “check”. It'll show you what number of words and keystrokes there are present in the text. Your maximum crucial key phrases, which have the probabilities of bringing greater site visitors, need to be located at the beginning of the textual content, ideally in the first sentence. This tool displays a list of the most common words used on the web page and their keyword density.